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Local Moving

We at Good Movers are renowned for our professional local moving services both residential & commercial.
Local moves are calculated on an hourly basis or a list of items. In other words the amount of items you wish to move will determine the overall estimate of the move and the number of men you will need.
When planning a local move there are certain points to consider:

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Special requirements:
It is very important that you highlight to your sales representative if you have any special requirements. These would include Pianos, Fine Art or Statues. If there is something that you are unsure about, please contact our professional staff and we will advise you.

The Documents:
Your driver will present you with the Bill of Lading. This authorizes the carrier to transport your goods. You will be then asked to sign the contract.
If any additional services are necessary, the driver with your signature must also complete the Additional Services Performed Origin/Destination Service and Delivery Report

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