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If you choose to have your belongings placed in storage with good movers, rest assured your items are in good hands. We only offer storage in fully enclosed modern buildings, which is protected by a state of the art, 24 hr security system.

When using our storage service, your items are first inventoried for their condition, and then wrapped. By using our storage, the overall cost of your move will increase slightly due to the fact that extra time is required for inventorying.
When going to storage your invoice will remain open from the time the job starts until the time the last piece is placed in our storage, plus travel time. This will be the exact case upon delivery, you will be charged from the time we start loading our truck until the last piece is delivered into your home, plus travel time.

If you find it might be necessary for you to have access to your belongings notify your moving consultant on booking.

You only pay for the storage you use and we offer daily, monthly or long-term storage.

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